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 Archeage: Preparing for the Kraken (Breakdown of the Fight) 
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Post Archeage: Preparing for the Kraken (Breakdown of the Fight)

This is a video guide from the Tank's perspective of taking down the Kraken. I took the time to type out the guide as shown in the video for those that do not wish to view the 8 minute Kraken kill. This video is fresh from October of 2015 and has great footage. Thanks for taking a look and hopefully with a little bit of effort and preparation we can get Kraken on farm for mass profits as well as Turbulence immune gliders which have a 25% chance at dropping per Kraken.
Kraken 101

Tank needs to be a Templar. (Heal Aggro is Best Aggro)

All cannoneers and Healers and anyone else that will be on the threat table of the Kraken must have at minimum the ability "Stealth". If you have "play dead" that is even better.

The tank will need a few minutes to build threat (Heal Aggro)

I prefer to start the pull while the group is forming up and getting into positions. During this time I initiate combat and hold the Kraken underwater. (This helps in hiding the location of the Kraken attempt from enemies)

Once the ships are in position swim to the surface and continue tanking. The best way I have found to tank after many attempts is by rotating around the Kraken.

If you are in front of him he will use the "Slam" ability. It's easily avoided by simply being on his side or behind. If you get hit by "Slam" it's not the end of the world just more damage to heal through.
One of the most important abilities that require action is "Ink Splash". The kraken will move backwards and suck the tank in, at the end of the cast he will spew out sea bugs and immediately go after a random raid member on his Aggro Table. At this point everyone in the raid will halt DPS (Cannonfire) and use "Stealth" or "Play Dead" as soon as possible.

Once the Kraken is confirmed to be back on the tank DPS (Cannon fire) can resume. All cannon fire should be focused on the tank at this point to kill the seabugs. (They do a lot of damage after a while)
The second most important ability is a chase ability. Someone will be marked (Looks like Stalker's mark) This person must die, Either actually die or "Play Dead".

If the marked player can not "Play Dead" then they need to get off the ship and move towards the Kraken.

If the chase victim stealth's or somehow does not die then the Kraken will begin bouncing between random people but will eventually make it's way back to the tank. This can cause a lot of lost time and is dangerous for the ships and their crews.
The last important ability is "Smash". It is a long cast time ability that will one shot kill anyone inside a 70 meter cone in front of the Kraken.

The Tank can avoid this a few ways:
1) Invuln
2) Teleport / Glider behind the Kraken (Way Behind)
3) ??(Not sure what this means)?? Lion Mounts, 3 Second Invlun Charge.

The Kraken ability "Smash" can not be blocked, parried, or evaded.

The Smash ability is random, There isn't a set thing that will trigger it. The most frequent I've ever seen was about 3 times in a 2 minute period.
Our guild collectively turns the tentacles in on one officer who then distributes the gold evenly among those who participated. Only the "Pygmy Tentacles will fit in the Trade pack slots on merchant ships.


Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:36 pm
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